• 1Download the application form and complete the application as required.
  • 2The completed application will be internally evaluated by Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the GAC MOTOR) before a decision is made for eligibility. A notice of interviews and site visits will be issued thereafter to the qualified applicants.
  • 3GAC MOTOR will go to the city where the qualified applicants are located to conduct the interviews as well as site visits.
  • 4The interviews and site visits will then be assessed internally by GAC MOTOR, and the applicants will be informed of the assessment results and the final decision.
  • 5GAC MOTOR will invite the successful applicants to Guangzhou to discuss about the Letter of Intent and its signing.
  • 1The applicant must have an independent corporate capacity and legitimate business credentials.
  • 2The applicant must demonstrate that their current business is successful and have strong financial ability to invest in the GAC MOTOR dealership facility, and also provide proof on the good and close working relationship with their community.
  • 3The applicant must be able to provide a venue site to be considered for construction of the dealership facility.
  • 4The applicant must have full confidence in pursuing a career with GAC MOTOR, be willing to comply with the business policies of GAC MOTOR and be willing to grow together with GAC MOTOR in a long-term manner.
  • According to the local urban economic level and auto market size, GAC MOTOR will set appropriate construction standards for the dealership facility, and the investment requirement of each shop will differ correspondingly.
  • 1The dealer’s revenue shall come mainly from vehicle sales, maintenance and other related services.
  • 2The business policies of GAC MOTOR will ensure dealers a reasonable income, but the recovery rate of any dealer’s investment depends primarily on the efforts made by the operators.
  • 3GAC MOTOR will offer a variety of resources based on the individual needs of each dealership.
  • Note: After downloading the dealership application form, please enter correct and accurate information in the appropriate places as required, and send the completed application to the following email address.
Address:No.633 East of Jinshan Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China
Zip Code:511 434
(Please mark your submission as application material for a GAC MOTOR dealership. We will make every effort for a timely response to every application received.)