GAC Motor nails the NAIAS with cutting-edge models

From left: Yu Jun, president of GAC Motor, Ryan La Fontaine,chairman of 2018 NAIAS, Feng Xingya, president of GAC Group, Rick Snyder,governor of state of Michigan, Zhang Qingsong, vice-president of GAC Group andWang Qiujing, president of GAC Engineering are pictured at the North AmericanInternational Auto Show held from Jan 14 to 28. Photos Provided to China Daily


Innovative enterprise on a roll, in ambitious drive to buildworld-class brand


GAC Motor - the cutting-edge subsidiary of Guangzhou AutomobileGroup - unveiled two new models of the GA4 and the electric concept car Envergeto acclaim at the North American International Auto Show.


They demonstrated the company's innovation in research,achievements in manufacturing and its determination to build a world-classbrand.


It was the fourth year that the Chinese carmaker displayed itsbrands and products at the NAIAS, one of the world's most prestigious autoshows, which opened on Jan 14.


According to the company, GAC Motor's various models will officiallyenter the US market in 2019.


The GA4 is a brand new compact sedan, independently developedby GAC Motor for the A-class sedan market, with the design displaying a grandand fashionable vision with ample interior space and excellent driving comfort.


The company said the introduction of the GA4 further enrichesits product matrix, which covers the A-level to C-level sedan market.


The group is bringing the new sedan to Chinese market on Jan 18in Shanghai.


Adding to the action, GAC Motor unveiled its first compactsport-utility new energy concept vehicle, the Enverge, to demonstrate itsinnovative leadership in core environmental technologies.


The Enverge is GAC's latest exploration in the field ofcrossover electric vehicles. Featuring many technological achievements, theEnverge demonstrates the innovative allure of NEVs and the group promises thatit creates a new driving experience for energetic young drivers.


GAC Motor's high-end strategic models - the GA8, GS8, and GM8 -are also at 2018 NAIAS, to demonstrate the company's product strength togetherwith other signature models, including the GS3, GS4, GS7 and GA6.


The high-end sedan GA8 starred at several recent internationalevents, including the 2017 World Economic Forum, the G20 summit, and theFortune Global Forum, which were held last year. It has been hailed as a symbolof Chinese high-end manufacturing.


The flagship luxury seven-seat GS8 SUV has been well receivedby global customers and has broken sales records in the spacious large-sizedSUV segment. This prime SUV model enables GAC Motor to deliver high quality,exceptional performance vehicles with an excellent user experience that exceedthe expectations of global consumers.


As GAC Motor's first high-end minivan, the GM8 integrates thecompany's self-developed cutting-edge technologies and aims to meet the growingdemand from consumers for a better driving experience for families andcommercial clients.


GAC Motor nails the NAIAS with cutting-edge models


GAC Motor said it is delivering to its target consumersexceptional quality and safety with the GM8, which was released at the end of2017 and is making its first overseas appearance at the 2018 NAIAS.


"With the release of GA8, GS8, and GM8 models, GAC Motorhas covered the high-end sedan, SUV and minivan market with a complete rolloutof luxury C-Class vehicles," said Yu Jun, president of GAC Motor.


These three models highlight why GAC Motor has been continuallyrecognized as China's most innovative automaker. It is a major milestone forGAC Motor - as the company begins to transit to a new era of Chinese-led globalproducts, according to Yu.


GAC Motor aspires to take an active part in integrating Chinainto the tide of the global auto industry. The company represents thesignificant achievements of Chinese brands in terms of quality improvement.


In 2017, GAC Motor established its North American R&Dcenter in Silicon Valley and hosted job fairs in Silicon Valley, Detroit andBoston. In January 2018, GAC Motor began another round of on-campus and socialrecruitment programs in the US, to attract emerging talent in diverse fields.


GAC Motor is also expanding its efforts to raise brandawareness and increase its influence. Later this year, GAC Motor will announcea new branding strategy to the world, as well as a new English brand name tobetter serve its global consumers, according to Yu.


"Our strategic goal is to create a world-class brand thatexcels in research, manufacturing and sales," Yu added.


GAC Motor North America Sales Company - the new corporateentity which is set to be established in 2018 - will attend the annualconvention of the National Automobile Dealers Association in Las Vegas thisMarch.


The event will further expand its distribution network anddealership resources to better prepare for entering the North American marketin the fourth quarter of 2019.


"In pursuit of the North American market, GAC Motor standsready to share our high-quality products and work with local organizations tocreate a better life of mobility," Yu said.


GAC Motor nails the NAIAS with cutting-edge models


Yu Jun, president of GAC Motor, shares his insights at theNorth American International Auto Show.


(China Daily 01/18/2018 page15)