October 26,2017

GAC Motor Named Official Service Car Provider for Fortune Global Forum 2017

Premium Modelsfrom China's Elite Auto Brand to Be Showcased at Leading EconomicForum

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- GACMotor, China's fastest-growing automaker, has handed over 380 GA8sedans, GS8 SUVs, and GM8 MPVs to the organizing committee of the FortuneGlobal Forum 2017 ("The Forum") and has been named as the officialservice car provider for the event.


    "We are in admiration of GAC Motor's vision and insight to form apartnership with us," said John Needham, managing director of FortuneGlobal Forum, in the delivery ceremony, "Together with GAC Group, we areexpecting to introduce Guangzhou to the whole world and bring morebusiness opportunities to this city. I am sure that GAC Motor will be animportant part of it." Zhu Xiaoyan, administrative officer of theorganizing committee of the Fortune Global Forum 2017 also stated that thequality of reputation of GAC Motor have achieved rapid development in the pastyears and it has become the symbol of high-end Chinese automobilemanufacturing.

Yan Jianming(right), Deputy General President of GAC Motor, delivered the carkey to John Needham(left), Managing Director of Fortune Global Forum

    GA8 were launched as GAC Motor's upmarket sedan in 2016 that takes pridein original design, top quality, five-star safety level and ultimate travelexperience. It is praised for its extensive safety driving features that canhelp navigate, raise collision alerts and actively assist in braking.


GAC Motor-2017 Fortune Global Forum-Guangzhou official Automotive SponsorDelivery Ceremony

    The company's self-developed c-level high-end SUV GS8 meets the NorthAmerican SUV roof anti-force standard and redefines Chinese high-end SUV market.The release of GS8 is another milestone for GAC Motor in terms of globaloutreach demonstrating its R&D capability and quality assurance system.

    "We feel privileged to be able to help China and the cityof Guangzhou host the esteemed leaders and honored guests from theworld of politics and economics who will attend the Forum, one of the mostinfluential gatherings on economic development in the world, and to demonstratethe development of Chinese automobile manufacturing," said Yu Jun,president of GAC Motor. "It is an acknowledgement of our commitment todeveloping premium vehicles that offer an exceptional riding experience, aswell as a recognition of GAC Motor as a high-end Chinese automaker.

Yu Jun, President of GAC Motor noted Fortune Global Forum helps to demonstratethe development of Chinese automobile manufacturing

    Launched in 1995, the Fortune Global Forum brings together world leadersand the global business heads from world's largest companies on the dynamicfrontiers of international commerce. The Fortune Global Forum 2017, under thetheme of "Openness & Innovation: Shaping the Global Economy",will create a valuable opportunity for global leaders, such as executives fromthe Fortune Global 500, to actively engage with those from China.

    To learn moreabout the Forum and to see an agenda of the topics that will be discussed,visit: https://www.fortuneconferences.com/global-forum-2017

    The company has been invited to the North American International Auto Show(NAICS), which is one of the leading stages for up-and-coming automakers fromaround the world, to demonstrate their technology and design, to communicatewith world-renowned automobile manufacturers and demonstrate the capability ofhigh-end Chinese manufacturing.

    The company is planning on expanding into North American market no laterthan 2019. A series of preparation has been planned and specific products forNorth American market are under design to ensure that the company's productswill meet the environment regulations and customers' requirement in NorthAmerica.

    "Participating in the Fortune Global Forum 2017 is another step alongGAC Motor's journey onto the world stage and expedites its globaloutreach," Yu added. "Moving forward, GAC Motor will continue itsinvestments in innovative designs for its comprehensive product line with thegoal of providing even the most discerning consumers with quality and servicethat surpasses their expectations."

    "The company is adding more distribution channels in top markets suchas North America to transform from a Chinese car manufacturer to aninternational enterprise that applies intelligent manufacturing technology, andis building a high-end brand image as a world-class automaker that excels inresearch, manufacturing and sales."