Beijing International
Autonotive Exhibition

GAC Group Participates in the 14th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition


  On April 25, GAC Group's 14th Beijing International Auto Show Press Conference themed in "New Vision · Greater Achievement" was grandly held in E1 Hall of China International Exhibition Center. During the press conference, GAC Group debuted its high-end SUV GS8 and made public such major strategic moves as establishment of new energy branch of GAC MOTOR.

  GAC Group's total exhibition area reached 1,689m2 and the number of vehicles on exhibition hit 15, among which there were world's debut GS8, concept car I-Lounge, GS4EV, GA3S PHEV and EV-coupe and other new energy vehicles. Meanwhile, GA8, GS4, GA6 235T and GS5 super also showed up. In addition, GAC Group brought the new generation of GAC HONDA Accord, GAC-Toyota Highlander, GAC FIAT Cherokee and GAC Mitsubishi ASX, etc., so as to demonstrate the technical strength and innovation ability of GAC Group's "3+e" system.

New Vision · Greater Achievements

New Vision—develop new products with cutting-edge technology

During this auto show, GAC Group, for the first time, launched its GS8 which is a self-developed 7-seat high-end SUV elaborately built based on GAC Group's cross-platform modular architecture. It is another move of GAC in making inroads into high-end market with proprietary brand after GA8.

  Both GS8 and GA8 belong to Class C high-end platform and they adopt 7-seat layout. Aside from that, their second and third row can be laid down, meeting various demands of different situations. They both adopt the second generation of 320T engine with strong power and low noise, in addition to being equipped with i-4WD system, enabling them to cope with different road conditions easily.

  Design of GS8 further construes the manufacturing philosophy of "daring to blaze new trails". From the perspective combined with Chinese and western, GAC Automobile Engineering Institute's top international design team continues the world-leading pioneer design language of Light and Sculpture 2.0 and makes GS8 strike a balance between strength and weakness and between aggressiveness and introversion. Also, it inherits the brand design philosophy of GAC MOTOR 2.0 that continuously takes the lead in domestic industry and steadily promotes internationalization. Thanks to the overlarge space, advanced technical configuration and super safety guarantee, GAC Motor will register astonishing progress in an all-around manner.

  "With consumers' increasing demands for high-quality products, its urgent need for Chinese auto brands to transform and upgrade to high-end models", said Zeng Qinghong, General Manager of GAC Group. GAC MOTOR consistently adheres to forward development and innovation development, making its sales rise to over 190,000 in 2015 from 17,000 in 2011. Over the past 5 years, GAC MOTOR opened up a development path of "Innovation-driven, Detailing and Greatness".

  Greater Achievements—Promote New Development with Layout of Greater GAC MOTOR

  In the first year of the "13th Five-year Planning", GAC Group made a good start in Q1 2016, realizing auto production of 352,500, a year-on-year growth of 45.96%, and sales volume of 332,200, a year-on-year increase of 35.82% . And its net profits took on year-on-year growth of 240%-270%. Meanwhile, GAC Group steadily promoted "3+e" development strategy, making significant achievements. That is aimed at improving overall strength and brand value.

  GAC Group has achieved initial success in its proprietary industry layout. GAC MOTOR continues to keep high-speed growth and its sales volume in the first quarter hit about 80,000, a year-on-year increase of 171%, showing favorable development prospect. By integration of GAC GONOW, GAC Group has further consolidated its proprietary industry base and improved overall strength of independent module in an all-around manner. In independent R & D sector, GAC Group, based on global R & D network, has established the technical strategy and development philosophy by taking G-CPMA as forward development and proprietary brand, so as to quickly make layouts for product models, strongly support development of core business and realize steady development in proprietary industry layout.

  In terms of cooperation with Japanese companies, GAC Group makes progress while maintaining stability by depending on GAC Toyota, GAC Honda and GAC Mitsubishi. As the main force of Japanese auto brands, GAC Honda and GAC Toyota take on strong return and both production and sale realize substantial growth year on year, with introduction of new products and marketing of superior products.

  In this auto show, GAC Honda officially released brand-new enterprise brand slogan and brand strategies and three luxury SUV models (i.e. Avancier, Accord and ACURA) grandly showed up. GAC Toyota debuted its YARiS L in the auto show and announced that it will be applied to models with 1.2L turbo direct injection within this year and to Levin plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in 2018, so as to complete the "all-engine power" layout that leads the industry. New management of GAC Mitsubishi also showed up with first-ever ASX and all models of Pajero Sport, showing technical strength and development vitality of "SUV families".

  In terms of cooperation with European and American companies, GAC Group and FCA Group have stepped on a new stage in cooperation. Good news frequently came from first-ever Jeep Cherokee whose number of orders exceeded 10,000 for several months after the launch. On April 18, GAC FIAT Guangzhou Plant was put into operation and domestically-manufactured Jeep Renegade rolled off the line on the same day. GAC FIAT formed the development layout in which Changsha Plant and Canton Plant developed neck and neck, with constant improvement of intelligent manufacturing and supply reform, promoting multi-level and balanced development of GAC MOTOR business.

  In addition, GAC finance and commercial & trade module will constantly optimize structure of finance and business service trade through unceasing innovation and reform in 2016.

  According to the development trend of the "13th Five-year Planning" outline, GAC Group put forward "1513" development strategy last year. In 2020, GAC Group will realize sales volume of 2.4 million, business revenue of over CNY 400 billion and total profits and taxes of over RMB 50 billion, becoming the advanced auto group.

  New Drive—Drive Enterprise Innovation with the Spirit of the Craftsman

  Since its establishment, GAC Group adheres to the philosophy of making excellent cars and constantly strives for perfection, pursuits high quality of products and spares no efforts in innovation, which have been an indispensable part of GAC Group during its development history of more than 10 years and become the foundation of survival and development and internal motivation for progress in innovation. Over the past decade, employees put forward more than 2.53 million improvement proposals and the number of people involved hit over 275,000, each person put forward 5.7 proposals on average every year and the direct economic benefit created reached CNY 3.03 billion.

  "GAC Group will constantly carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, implement innovative promotion and elaborately forge high-quality products", said Zeng Qinghong, General Manager of GAC Group. This year witnessed the 10th anniversary of the establishment of R & D system centered GAC Automobile Engineering Institute. Based on the cross-platform modular architecture G-CPMA of global R & D system, GAC Group has development abilities in such 10-odd technical fields as integration of complete vehicles, power assembly, chassis and body, in addition to boasting abilities in developing 3 complete vehicles, several models of engine and transmission or other core components.

  It is noteworthy that GAC Group National Enterprise Technology Center centered GAC Automobile Engineering Institute won excellent evaluation by ranking 10th together with other centers in evaluation of about 1,100 state-level enterprise technology centers of various industries in 2015, making GAC Group's comprehensive R & D strength reaches advanced level at home.

  So far, breakthroughs have been made in construction of GAC Automobile Engineering Institute and introduction of high-level talents and initial success has been achieved in several high-tech R & D projects. A multi-disciplinary advanced R & D flow and system centered on CPMA has formed. With integration of GAC Group's production mode and global supply chain system, core competition advantages for sustainable development of GAC proprietary brand business have formed.

  During the "13th Five-year Planning", GAC Group will keep improvement, refine independent innovation ability and improve the R & D system that takes the Automobile Engineering Institute as the core and J & V enterprise R & D center and part and component enterprises as the support, so as to build a strong independent R & D team, enhance abilities comprehensively in complete vehicles and key assembly and further support development of GAC Group's independent innovation.

  New Energy—Promote New Energy Industry with Power Driving, Intellectualization and Network Connection

  GAC Group insists on development of power driving, intellectualization and network connection, actively responds to national call of "green development", improves the development of new energy vehicles to strategic height, and makes comprehensive layouts. According to the "13th Five-year Planning" put forward by GAC Group in 2015, GAC Group will take power driving as the top priority for future business, insist on the technical route of pure-electric driving, master core technologies like “three power related technologies", erect industrialization platform for new energy vehicles and realize large-scale development of new energy vehicles.

  At the end of 2015, GAC MOTOR established new energy branch to increase input in R & D, production and market of new energy vehicle sector. Meanwhile, GAC Group has formulated "153" new-energy development strategy and made definite construction of R & D platform, R & D of core technologies and key development direction of products.

  In terms of products, GAC Group will launch 3 new energy models, including GA3S PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle), GS4 EV (electric vehicle) and GS4 PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric SUV) in 2016 and there will be at least 7 new models to be launched in the coming 5 years. With absolute technical advantages and knock-out products, GAC Group forges ahead to output and sell more than 200,000 new energy vehicles in 2020, so as to provide guarantee for meeting fuel consumption of 5.0L/100Km in China's fourth stage.

  In February of this year, Guangzhou Lixin Taxi Company owned by GAC Access launched more than 200 Levin twin-engine HEVs into Guangzhou taxi market. Also, GAC Group fully mobilizes the creativity of various business sectors and is actively devoted in new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection. 400 pure electric buses produced by GAC BYD New Energy Bus Co., Ltd. are successively launched into Guangzhou public transport system to provide services for citizens. In the future, GAC Group will be committed to promoting new energy vehicles and exploring commercial mode application.

Looking into the future, GAC Group will substantively promote innovation in technology, product and commercial mode, so as to enhance comprehensive competitiveness and bring customers safe, convenient and high-quality auto products and service and thus create good car life.