Beijing International
Autonotive Exhibition



  On April 25, 2016, the 14th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (hereafter referred to as "2016 Auto China") kicked off, during which GAC MOTOR's first 7-seat large-sized SUV GS8 was launched. GS8 is praised as China's first large-sized SUV, becoming one of the highlights in this auto exhibition. As the C-class high-end SUV self-developed by GAC MOTOR, GS8 showcases strong technical R & D strength and quality assurance system of GAC MOTOR 2.0 in a concentrated manner and demonstrates GAC MOTOR's first world-class high-end Chinese brand image.

With aggressive, exquisite and impressive appearance, GAC MOTOR perfectly construes the design philosophy of Chinese brand

  GAC MOTOR enters the new era, marking that Chinese brand reaches full maturity. GS8 was designed by a team led by the world-class Chinese design master Zhang Fan from the Automotive Engineering Institute of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. with a perspective integrated with the East and West, striking a balance between the strong and the week and between the extroverted and the introverted and showcasing GAC MOTOR's confidence and calmness. Therefore, GS8 is bound to become a landmark in the development history of Chinese SUV.

  GS8 is uniquely endowed with first-ever large-sized SUV genes and combined with aggressive momentum and calm style in appearance. Matrix-type LED headlamp is of irregular geometrical contour and it is designed longitudinally in a stretched manner on the whole. In addition, the transverse lines are closely combined with three-dimensional and steady Flying Dynamics Family grilles, blending exquisite and luxurious elements with family identification and showing aggressiveness. In terms of interior, the combination of simple and elegant layout and upscale and exquisite texture contributes to a sophisticated and extravagant atmosphere and construes the delicacy and dignity of high-end luxurious SUV. From exterior to interior, GS8 has showed a design philosophy of Chinese brand against the backdrop of internationalization by adopting a steadily promoted manner.

Wide, comfortable and luxurious 7-seat space provides exclusive large-sized SUV experience.

  In addition to the visual impact brought by large size and elaborate design, GS8 also comprehensively provides extraordinarily superb space experience of 7-seat large-sized SUV.

  People show increasingly strong desire to SUV space. By adopting 7-seat layout, GS8 is equipped with panoramic sunroof and provides wide and luxurious space for drivers. The second and third row of seat can be respectively put down. The first row is equipped with large-sized multi-functional central armrest box with double-layer slide-type cup holders inside. Meanwhile, GS8 also has several storage spaces under the door plank, stick shift, seat and carpet, providing passengers with conveniences in daily travel.

Strong technology accumulation of intelligent GAC MOTOR helps to make the brand famous

  GS8 is equipped with GAC MOTOR's first-ever Ti POWER (320T engine with medium and large displacement) and 6AT transmission, making it have strong power and can drive smoothly. Thanks to i-4WD system, GS8 can copy with various road conditions easily. Panoramic parking system provides 360-degree views, parking guidance and detection of obstacles, so the large-sized car can be controlled with ease.

  Intelligent technology brings more convenient experience to users. Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS) is adopted for GS8, making passengers easily get on and off. Also, GS8 is equipped with 3 automatic air conditioners, providing healthy and comfortable environment in the car. The new generation of "intelligent GAC MOTOR" interactive interface is adopted for large-sized LCD dashboard and 10.1-inch central control panel, bringing digitized technology experience.

  GS8's high-strength and high-rigidity passenger compartment has been designed according to GAC 2.0 five-star safety standard. Also, it is equipped with the new generation of ESP and all-round intelligent auxiliary driving safety system, providing extremely high active and passive safety factors.

  Adhering to the brand philosophy of "Making Excellent Cars for the Loved Ones and Letting the World Full of Love ", GAC MOTOR becomes the pioneer in reform of China's supply side by insisting on high quality and innovation driving. In the first quarter of this year, GAC MOTOR increased by 171% in sales volume, leading domestic car market. In this context, GAC MOTOR actively makes layouts in high-end market, hoping to lead Chinese brand to make progress and great achievements.

  It's learned that GS8 will be launched in the second half of this year, which will probably help Chinese brand make a breakthrough in large-sized SUV niche market. Previously, the high-end commercial car GA8 had been launched and now 7-seat large-sized MPV GM8 will come into the market by the end of this year or at the beginning of next year. Among the Chinese brands, GAC MOTOR is the first one completing layouts for high-end luxury models, demonstrating Chinese brand's strong strength in competing against J & V brands in technologies and R & D. GAC MOTOR has become a model for Chinese brand to make progress. Under the guidance of such a Chinese brand that insists on "China Dream" so much, booming Chinese auto industry can be expected soon.