Beijing International
Autonotive Exhibition



  On April 25, 2016 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (14th) themed in "Innovation to Transformation" kicked off. With the theme of "New View · New Breakthrough", GAC Group's Press conference of 2016 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition was grandly held in E1 Hall of Beijing International Exhibition Center.


  At this auto exhibition, GAC MOTOR boasted three trump cards, namely, GA8, GM8 and GS8, which are respectively high-end commercial car launched on April 16, GAC MOTOR's first 7-seat MPV and the 7-seat large-sized SUV debuted in this auto exhibition, fully showcasing GAC MOTOR's platform-based, intelligent and high-end system strength. In addition, GAC MOTOR displayed GS4 235T and GA6 235T launched in March, and new energy vehicle GS4 EV and pure-electric concept model EV Coupe. GAC MOTOR's three high-end models will be launched within 1 year, striking a pose to lead Chinese brands to make progress.


GAC MOTOR Show in Beijing Auto Exhibition! Highlights!


GS8 made global debut


  GS8, launched in the auto show, is GAC MOTOR's self-developed high-end 7-seat SUV which was elaborately manufactured based on the cross-platform modularized architecture. After GA8, this is GAC MOTOR's another knockout product in high-end market.


  With 7-seat layout, both GS8 and GA8 belong to C-class high-end platform and their second and third row of seat can be respectively put down, so as to meet various demands in daily travel. The second generation of 320T engine is adopted, making the car have strong power and low noise. Due to the equipped i-4WD system, the car can easily cope with different road conditions.



  GS8's design further construes GAC MOTOR's philosophy of daring to blaze new trails. With the perspective integrated with Chinese and the west, the international top design team of GAC Automotive Engineering Institute (GAEI) continued Light and Sculpture 2.0, a pioneer design language leading the world, making GS8 strike a balance between the strong and the weak and between the extroverted and the introverted. Also, the team confidently inherited GAC MOTOR 2.0, constantly led domestic brands and promoted the design philosophy against the backdrop of internationalization by adopting a steady manner. In addition, the ultra-large space, advanced technical configuration and ultra-high safety guarantee will make GAC MOTOR register great achievements in an all-round manner.



  "Since consumers have increasing desire for high-quality products, Chinese auto brands need to make a transition to high-end models", said Zeng Qinghong, General Manager of GAC Group. GAC MOTOR consistently sticks to forward development and innovative development, making its sales volume rise to over 190,000 in 2015 from 17,000 in 2011. Over the past 5 years, GAC MOTOR had opened up a development path of "Innovation Driving, Detailing Greatness".



  On April 16, GAC MOTOR's first high-end C-class car GA8 was officially launched into the market. It takes GAC MOTOR 5 years to build GA8 with painstaking efforts and GA8 represents China's highest standard in manufacturing cars. Before its launch, GA8 had shown up on China's "two sessions" and become the designated car for guest reception at G20 Sherpa Meeting, making it shine for the first time among the new generation of official cars. The 7-seat high-end SUV GS8 released today will be launched into the market in the second half of this year. Zeng Qinghong, General Manager of GAC Group, revealed that "we will launch large-sized 7-seat MPV GM8 at the end of the year".


  GS8, GA8 and GM8 all belong to C-class high-end platform and they are great works in response to consumers' demands for high-end products and promotion of Chinese brands in making constant progress. GAC MOTOR's three high-end products will redefine its advanced manufacturing level, constantly build high-end brand image of Chinese cars and thus provide consumers with high-end and superb products and service.


High-end commercial car GA8


  Wu Song said, "China's policy orientation and technological accumulation promote Chinese cars to make changes from quantity to quality and now it's a good opportunity for Chinese brand to go high-end. Without successful high-end model, Chinese brand cannot surpass J & V brands, let alone become a world-class brand." With GS4's success in compact SUV market, GAC MOTOR actively makes layouts in high-end market at the same time and three high-end models simultaneously show up at Beijing Auto Exhibition, which will lay a foundation for high-end Chinese cars.


GM8 concept car I-Lounge


New height in core technology of Chinese automobiles


  235T and 320T engines exhibited at Beijing Automobile Exhibition are the latest achievements of GAC MOTOR Ti POWER as well as highlights in this auto show. As GAC Motor's second generation of first-ever power assembly, Ti POWER was developed by the world's elites for many years with applications of up to 50 new technologies and it represents the international leading standard.



  GAC MOTOR Ti POWER leads the world's engine technology and applies 50 international advanced technologies including GCCS combustion control patent, low-inertia E-Turbo supercharging, in addition to boasting 4 advantageous features (i.e. strong power, low oil consumption, high quality and safety), which will help to build core competitiveness for sustainable development of GAC MOTOR 2.0.


  With the maximum power of 112KW/5000rpm, the 235T engine can constantly output peak torque of 235Nm in speed range of 1450-4250rpm. The powerful and low-consumption engine outperforms the 2.5L naturally-aspirated engine, with oil consumption in comprehensive working condition lowering to 6.1L/100km.


  GAC MOTOR Ti POWER shows the perspectiveness and advancement of GAC Motor's self-developed power assembly platform technology, marking a record high of GAC Motor 2.0 in performance optimization of power assembly and providing a constant strong power support for implementation of star product strategy.


  To constantly provide competitive products, GAC MOTOR, through 10 years of accumulation, has established a state-level enterprise technology center by taking GAEI as the core and investing enterprise R & D center as the support. GAEI ranks 10th among about 1100 state-level enterprise technical centers in industries nationwide, wining excellent evaluation in 2015. GAC MOTOR GS8/GA8/GM8 is developed on the basis of cross-platform modular architecture (CPMA) and its high-end suspension chassis system and i-4WD 4MATIC were also displayed in Beijing auto show.



  -i-4WD 2.0 is the first SUV intelligent AWD chassis developed based on G-CPMA and the modularized design can meet car's expandable requirements. With all-terrain functions, the chassis can realize the optimal driving mode and stability in various road conditions.


  -The new-generation electric power steering boasts optional assistant mode and CEPS with assistant functions based on speed, providing consumers with excellent and various driving experience.


  -Intelligent EPB is the new generation of motor integrated calipers electronic parking system which is safe and comfortable, with low drag-torque calipers adopted for energy saving and emission reduction.


  -Shock absorber with adjustable height can adjust the body to the designed balance height in any loading condition, improving the car's comfort, controllability and safety.  Low rolling resistance tire with large size is more economic and fuel-efficient.


  Nowadays, GAC MOTOR is forming a complete set of interdisciplinary advanced R & D process and system centering on CMPA, which not only reduces cost in R & D and manufacturing, but also makes quick layouts for product range and provides primary driving force for sustainable development of proprietary brand.


  Among the Chinese brands, GAC MOTOR is the first one completing layouts for high-end luxury models, demonstrating Chinese brand's strong strength in competing against J & V brands in technologies and R & D. Chinese brands represented by GAC MOTOR fully take the historical opportunities resulting from market trend change and take the lead in opening up a development path of "positioning high-end, quality first and innovation driving".